Where to Find the World’s Best Hot Chocolate – Kakawa Chocolate House

The World’s Best Hot Chocolate? We have some of it here in Santa Fe at Kakawa Chocolate House!
Crisp air, falling snow, and cozy sweaters are all winter staples.

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Wordless Wednesday – Santa Fe Holidays

If you’re thinking about moving to Santa Fe, spending your holiday here is a great way to feel like a local. And if you’re not convinced after that experience, Santa Fe might not be the answer for you. Our holidays are stunning.

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2019 Travel – Santa Fe makes Forbes list for Best Places

Thinking about your New Years resolutions? Looking  to plan your 2019 travel?
How about coming to visit us in Santa Fe?
Here’s what we know personally about Santa Fe – it’s both beautiful and fun.

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Want to know where the fall colors are peaking right now – Instagram! And here’s how you get the perfect Instagram shot.

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Santa Fe Fall Colors – Take 3

It’s another beautiful day in paradise. Our paradise. Santa Fe is aglow with color this month. Here’s another amazing shot of the aspens up on Hyde Park Road.

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Santa Fe Fall Colors – Take 2

I mentioned the woodvine in my post yesterday about Santa Fe Fall Colors, and here’s a shot I took just down the street. No filter. Just blazing red against an adobe wall.

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Santa Fe Fall Colors

We are quick to say, always, that we have the best weather in the world in Santa Fe. And we’re right.

The weather here is perfect. Cool mornings, warm days with lots of sunshine. Even in the winter, a snowstorm seldom debilitates the city.

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Hotel Santa Fe, Amaya, and One Pleasant Surprise After Another

I posted a Photo of the Day a couple of weeks ago of the beautiful cucumber soup I ate at the Hotel Santa Fe’s Amaya Restaurant.

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Santa Fe Photo of the Day – Almost Fall

Just another beautiful “almost fall” morning in Santa Fe.  It’s hard to choose a Photo of the Day because every image I shoot is so inviting.

If you lived here, you could be seeing something like this on your own morning walk. And then planning to spend the evening at Ft.

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Santa Fe Day Trips – Heron Lake

Today’s Photo of the Day is one taken from my front porch at Heron Lake.

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