Santa Fe Day Trips – Heron Lake

Today’s Photo of the Day is one taken from my front porch at Heron Lake. It’s two hours door to door, and we have to traverse about 6 miles of mountain dirt road to get to the house, so if you’re simply driving from Santa Fe to Heron, you time to get there is going to be about an hour and forty minutes.


Heron is north of Santa Fe, reached by driving first to Espanola, then to Hernandez, through Abiquiu, and on to Tierra Amarillo. It is, in my opinion, the most beautiful stretch of road in New Mexico. You’ll see lots of images of this area in my future photo of the day posts.

A mountain reservoir that almost dried up in the past few years, Heron is experiencing a recharge with the snow runoff from Southern Colorado and the recent plentiful summer rains.

It is an ever-changing scene, this one I’m sharing. The light moves across the water and gives us about 1,000 different views in a day’s time. I love it at Heron – it’s my quiet place. If you’re looking for an easy day trip, consider a drive north from Santa Fe. It’s well worth it.

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