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Santa Fe Breakfast Battle – With Myself

One of the absolute best things about Santa Fe is the eating.

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Santa Fe’s Green Chile Burger Trail

Fletcher Davis of of Athens, Texas claims he was the first to create the burger. According to Wikipedia, It was the 1880’s and Mr.

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The Plaza Cafe – Santa Fe

There’s a long list of things one shouldn’t miss when hanging out at the Historic Santa Fe Plaza.

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Santa Fe Wine & Chile Festival – This Weekend!

One thing I love about Santa Fe is that we Santa Feans know how to have a good time and celebrate life! There are events every week in Santa Fe highlighting art, food, culture, everything.

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Del Charro Wins Santa Fe Best Bar

Del Charro touts itself as “Santa Fe’s Watering Hole,” and if you’ve ever spent an evening there (or a couple of years worth of evenings, as I did when I first moved to Santa Fe), you’ll totally get…

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Santa Fe Photo of the Day – Tomasita’s

I’m really, really, really trying to follow a Paleo lifestyle here at the beginning on 2016. Really, really trying.

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Santa Fe Breakfast – Make Your Own

It’s Sunday morning, and if you’re like me, you wake up thinking of a great breakfast.

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