Santa Fe Photo of the Day – Tomasita’s

I’m really, really, really trying to follow a Paleo lifestyle here at the beginning on 2016. Really, really trying.


Except that when I go to Tomasita’s for lunch and say, “Don’t bring the sopaipilla,” and think to myself that I won’t eat the tortilla, and then the server brings the sopaipilla. . .

Well, I remember that life is short and there are people all over the world wishing they had a sopaipilla to go with their amazing green chile huevos rancheros. And then I eat it. With honey.

Life really is short. I love the food at Tomasita’s. I used to think it was touristy, too busy, too noisy. I was a bit snobbish about it until I moved here and discovered that it’s truly a local’s choice. Especially if you’re fortunate enough to get a seat at the bar, where I once had the thrill of visiting with Neil Patrick Harris. He’s a New Mexico boy, you know. And the rest of us there that night were locals as well.

Happy Wednesday. Give me a call when you’re in town and we’ll go to Tomasita’s for lunch or dinner. And eat the sopaipilla. With honey.

Bunny Terry 505.504.1101

20 Vereda Serena Santa Fe, NM 87508