The Plaza Cafe – Santa Fe

There’s a long list of things one shouldn’t miss when hanging out at the Historic Santa Fe Plaza. I could write a series of posts on how to best spend your hour or afternoon or day, or even better, your entire weekend on the Plaza. I could do the same for the Santa Fe Railyard. That said, if you know me at all, you know I’m going to begin with food.


I love the Plaza Cafe. There are dozens of other places you can go while visiting the Santa Fe Plaza, but this is where you’ll want to start. Besides having delicious food and great service, the Plaza Cafe has been serving up huevos and green chile in some incarnation since 1905. Think maybe they’ve figured it out?


Like the Papas Fritas, above. Fried potatoes topped with the chile of your choice (I chose red this time), cheese, and eggs cooked to order. Just right for breakfast.


Or the breakfast burrito, pictured here. That’s what my friend Yvette from Lubbock ordered. Like me, she also chose the red chile, but I can tell you that their green chile is some of the best in town. I also love the green at Tomasita’s and the red at Atrisco (where I ran into George R.R. Martin last Thursday) but that’s another blog post.

Don’t want New Mexican food? The fish and chips are perfect, as is the chicken fried steak. Another favorite of mine (much like everything on the menu) is the carnitas plate, with green chile marinated pork and eggs and pinto beans. Or the chile bowl, in which you can choose beans, carnitas, calabacitas, beef or chicken to go with your green or red chile and cheese and sour cream.

Now you know you’re hungry.

The Santa Fe Plaza has great offerings, sights, and shopping. Just remember to fortify yourself ahead of time with a good meal prepared by locals who know what they’re doing. Or drop in late one afternoon for a cup of coffee and piece of pie or mountain-high red velvet cake, all prepared on site. Even the coffee is roasted in the back. It’s the best coffee on the Santa Fe Plaza, I think.

Love the Plaza Cafe. Love Santa Fe. Come see us and enjoy!


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20 Vereda Serena Santa Fe, NM 87508