Selling in Santa Fe – Why Do I Need a Realtor?

With the Santa Fe market as hot as it is these days (low inventory, high demand), you may be thinking you might as well just sell your house on your own. What’s so hard about doing a For Sale By Owner? Why can’t you save the cash you’d otherwise pay a Realtor? Honestly, do Realtors really deserve that fat commission check?

antigua 1Believe me, I’ve heard it all. I’ve actually sold a home on my own in Albuquerque, back in the 90’s, before I had my license. So I can give you both sides of this argument.

Don’t use a Realtor if:

1.  You know exactly how to price your home. You’ve got Zillow, right? You can look up your Zestimate and know exactly what your asking price should be.

EXCEPT – The market has so rapidly improved that your Zestimate probably isn’t accurate. Just yesterday I went on a listing appointment with folks who have a home in Casa Alegre. The Zestimate on their place was only $207,000. By preparing a Comparative Market Analysis using recent data from the MLS, I determined that their home should actually be listed at or above $280,000.

Good thing they chose to hire a Realtor, Right?

2.  You’re sure you can get top dollar for your house – you can show all those potential buyers how special it is.

EXCEPT – Your Realtor will make herself available every time someone wants to see the home, and you’ll have the advantage of not having to hear buyer’s complaints or bad comments. You’re emotionally tied to your home, even if you don’t believe you are, and this process will prove grueling.

Surveys show that Buyers are convinced that they can get a great deal and lowball a FSBO for the very reason that it is a FSBO – because there’s no professional Realtor involved to negotiate on behalf of the Seller. Realtors are highly trained in the art of negotiation, and remember that we only get paid for how well we do our job. We want you as the Seller to get top dollar for your house. That’s how we make our money. Don’t subject yourself to that process.

3.  You know how to present your home is it’s best light. You don’t need staging or marketing help.

EXCEPT – Watching DIY television doesn’t make you an expert at staging, and once again, we’re faced with our emotional ties to our things when we try to sell our own homes. Realtors are hired to provide you with guidance, and a good Realtor will make sure you put those family photos and those old college textbooks in storage before they take photos of your house for the MLS.

Marketing? That’s what we do. In addition to putting your home on the MLS (which is essential in today’s competitive market), we spend considerable hours making sure your property’s visible on the internet, on social media, in email blasts to other Realtors and potential buyers. We hold your home open, not only on Sundays, but during MLS tour.

Remember – we don’t get paid until you do. We are marketing powerhouses.

Are all of the above points true of all Realtors?  No.

But if you’re looking for a Santa Fe Realtor who will represent you and your home all the way to closing in the quickest, easiest way possible, give me a call. That’s what I do. After 12 years in the business, selling everything from small lake lots to million dollar homes and ranches, I know what it takes to get your home sold!


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