Best Buyer Tip – Get Pre-Approved

Ever made an offer on a place you really loved, only to have it snatched away by another buyer? With an offer that was the same as your’s, or even a bit lower?

That happens, especially in this very hot Santa Fe market where multiple offers are becoming more and more common. What I can tell you is that a lot of sellers will reject an offer simply because it’s not accompanied by a lender’s pre-qualification letter.

What’s a pre-qual letter? It’s a letter prepared by the lender of your choice after you’ve made preliminary application for a home mortgage. It assures Sellers that you can actually obtain a mortgage and gives them the amount of the purchase price for which you’re qualified.

Sandra Claymore of First Mortgage, one of my clients' favorite lenders

Sandra Claymore of First Mortgage, one of my clients’ favorite lenders

It’s just one sure way to get an offer seriously considered.

Need help with that process? Here’s a link to a lender who has helped a number of my clients, Sandra Claymore of First Mortgage Company. ¬†Or call me at 505-504-1101 and I’ll help you find a smart, savvy lender.

Buying a home is a process that can be fraught with lots of looking, loving a house, and going through emotional ups and downs. Save yourself from a potentially negative experience by getting prequalified. You may be able to buy a LOT more home than you thought.

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