Selling Your Santa Fe Home – Pricing it Right

If you’re thinking about selling your Santa Fe home and you want to do it in a hurry, here’s the absolute best way to get it done. Work with your qualified real estate broker to find out exactly what it’s worth in today’s market and then price it 8 – 15% lower than that number.

This sweet Casa Alegre home went under contract in the first week because it was priced right

This sweet Casa Alegre home went under contract in the first week because it was priced right

Sounds crazy, right? You want all the money you can get from this transaction. But here’s how today’s Santa Fe market works – Sellers here tend to think their homes are worth more than almost anywhere else. We have this amazingly beautiful city, this crazy perfect weather, all this art and these unique events like Indian and Spanish Market. Who wouldn’t want to buy your house and live here?

So prices tend to go high rather than reasonable. Buyers look and look and look and the one thing that has been true for decades is still true. The reasonably priced properties get snatched up in a hurry. The overpriced properties sit on the market and then get stale and then get their prices lowered in an attempt to chase buyers and the market.

If you price slightly UNDER what you and your Realtor think your home is worth, you’ll stand out as a smart Seller. In today’s market, you’ll be stampeded with showings. You’ll get several offers in the first week. I recently sold a sweet little house in Casa Alegre. Put it on the market on Friday and had multiple offers by Monday morning. All we did was price it right.

Conversely, I have a couple of Sellers who have insisted that their home is worth just a bit more than others in the neighborhood. They’re languishing on the market.

Want to sell your house in a hurry? The absolute best selling tool in the world is the right price. And I know how to help you arrive there.

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