Selling your Santa Fe Home – Conceal your Critters

I’m pretty sure just that headline has turned several of you off immediately. Santa Fe is the home of thousands of dog lovers. I know. I’m one of them myself. You can’t go anywhere in Santa Fe without running into a funny Labradoodle lying beside a bench on the Plaza, a goofy Pug walking down Palace Avenue, a regal Golden Retriever under a table at the Cowgirl. It’s what we do. We love our dogs. We are touted as one of the most pet-friendly cities in the world.

Luci the pug and my daughter - we love our pooch

Luci the pug and my daughter – we love our pooch

And cats. If you don’t have a dog or two, chances are that you have some very high and mighty cats at home who rule the roost. Cats who are your best friend.

My latest listing has a bird. A beautiful Cockatiel who chirps through showings. I think she’s a treat to have around.

Here’s the hard news to digest. Not every potential homeowner loves pets. No one wants to walk into your home and see the dog bowl or the litter box or the kitty condo in the corner of the sunroom. Even other pet owners, as lovely as they think their Scout or Sissy is, aren’t going to love seeing their future home overtaken with pet toys and paraphernalia. As odd as it sounds to you, feedback shows that buyers tend to think pet owners are not as neat and tidy as those with homes where there are no pets.

When you have a showing, clear out all the pet stuff. And then clear out the pet. Take them for walks, or even put them up in a pet hotel.

Here’s another hard thing to hear – your pet most likely has his own scent and that’s in your carpet and your furniture. When you get ready to list, have your carpets and furniture shampooed if appropriate. Keep a vacuum handy for sucking up pet hair. Erase all evidence of your pet.

We love our pets in Santa Fe. We just need to remember that the person who buys our home might not like pets at all. We want them to love our house, not our pets.

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