Selling in Santa Fe? Hire a Professional Photographer

There are a few instances when snapping a photo with your I-phone doesn’t do you any favors. That wild evening in a Canyon Road bar may qualify as one. Or the morning after that wild evening.

Santa Fe homes deserve professional photography that shows off details

Santa Fe homes deserve professional photography that shows off details

Another instance when professional photography is the best policy is when you decide to market your Santa Fe home. Visual content is especially important in today’s market where over 94% of potential buyers are using the internet to search for their next home. Mobile screen images, whether displayed on a computer monitor or a smartphone or tablet, determine a customer’s next reaction. Do they look for the “more information” button or do they pass up your home for one with better photography?

Spend a few minutes searching homes on  Concentrate on the photos. Are they beautiful, wide-angled, and inviting, or do they look like they were snapped by your seven year-old granddaughter on her dad’s Android? (Casting no aspersions here – usually the seven year-old is much more tech savvy than the rest of us.)

How a customer responds to images determines both their experience and their next action. Don’t sell your property short by having an amateur snap shots of your biggest investment.

And, of course, don’t hire a Realtor who won’t pay for professional photography. This is perhaps one of the best marketing investments your Realtor can make for you. If they’re not willing to pay for nice photos, they’re likely not worth your time.

Looking for a great photographer in the meantime? Give me a call. I have great resources and one of the best professional photographers in town on my team.

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