Santa Fe’s Pet Parade – Desfile de Los Ninos

circa 1955If I keep talking in superlatives all the time, people are going to think I’m somewhat of a nut about Santa Fe events. But, hey, this really IS one of the most entertaining, funny, sweet and traditional Santa Fe events you can view, or even participate in. Be warned – you have to have a child to accompany you. The tables are turned in our Fiesta Pet Parade. If you don’t have a child (and, of course, an animal) with you, you can only spectate.

No matter. The spectating is incredible fun.

What am I talking about? The annual Fiesta de Santa Fe Desfile de los Ninos aka the Parade of the Children. It happens this year on Saturday, October 12, 2015, at 9 a.m. The Pet Parade starts at the corner of Paseo de Peralta and Alameda, assembling at the Santa Fe School for the Arts, travels north on Paseo de Peralta to Palace, winds west on Palace to Grant, goes north one block to Marcy and then heads east on Marcy to Paseo de Peralta, ending where it began. Find your place on the route early and position yourself for an hour or two of hilarity and fun.

And don’t forget your camera.

It’s been going on for over 90 years and is by far one of my favorite Fiesta events. Pugs in tutus, Great Danes in cowboy hats, entire schools of children in costume AND their dogs, lizards, birds, chickens, ferrets, ducks and sometimes even pigs in costume along with them. I never can tell who’s enjoying the walk more – the adults or the children.Santa Fe-com

1-DSCN0168Once you’ve seen it, you’ll want to make time to be here ever year for another look. So grab your coffee and your lawn chair and find your spot. You’re going to thank me for this recommendation!


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