Santa Fe’s 10 Best Weekend Breakfast and Brunches

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about my Santa Fe Breakfast Battle With Myself, talking about how impossible it is to make a decision about where to eat my weekend meals. It remains true – I always waffle over Tia Sophia’s or The Pantry or Tecolote. Or Harry’s or Cafe Fina. Or the Plaza Cafe. Or brunch at the Cowgirl. Or a dozen alternatives.

Chile relleno omelette from the Plaza Cafe

Chile relleno omelette from the Plaza Cafe

That’s the best part about living in Santa Fe. I can always save the place I miss this weekend for next weekend.

So I’ll see you out there, hovering over your huevos rancheros or chile relleno omelette.

In the meantime, here’s a great post from The Culture Trip that I could have easily written. Take a look and let me know which of these ten you’d choose.

Need the link again? Here it is:

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