Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

Folk Art 1

We’re in the last day of the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, and if you’ve ever wondered about this event, today’s the day to attend. I’ve been several times, and Sunday is by far my favorite day. Although it’s crowded, the throngs of people seem to thin out a tiny bit on Sunday.

But better than that, artists tend to be ready to bargain. Most of these folks have come from extreme distances to display and sell their beautiful wares, so Sunday afternoon is the last chance they have to lighten the load of items they have to carry home. I own several items, including three pairs of stunning earrings, that I never could have afforded the first day of market. folk art 3

Tickets are still available according to the site. Get them here. You’ll see 143 artists from 59 different countries across 6 continents. You’ll see artwork like you’ve never seen before. And you’ll be attending one of the most popular annual events in Santa Fe.

And if you don’t make it today, there’s always next year. See you there!

folk art 2

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20 Vereda Serena Santa Fe, NM 87508