Santa Fe Farmer’s Market

2015-06-16 09.06.22

Tuesday mornings are pretty predictable. You can almost always find me at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market around 7:30, toting a bag full of fresh beets and carrots from Velardo, heirloom tomatoes from Taos and eggs from Hernandez. Maybe, if I’m lucky, a pound or two of beef from Madrid. And if I don’t find what I want on Tuesday morning, I know I can always come back on Saturday.

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The Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, started in the 60’s and now one of the Top 10 Farmer’s Markets in the nation, is open from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Saturday market occurs year-round, while the Tuesday market runs May through November. It’s located in the Santa Fe Railyard at the corner of Guadalupe and Paseo de Peralta.

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Even if you’re not sure you want local produce or baked goods or flowers or seedlings (there’s such a wide variety of offerings that it’s nuts to try to list them), come for the sights and tastes. You can get a apple cider slushie or a breakfast burrito or just a hot cup of coffee to enjoy while you stroll through the colorful abundance that is the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market.

And if you’re there on a Tuesday, I’ll see you there!


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