Ready to Buy Your First Home?

Buying Your First Home in Santa Fe and Elsewhere?

Buying your first home will likely be the biggest purchase you make in your life. At least until you buy your second, more expensive home. Recently, the real estate market has appeared to be cooling. All the same, homeownership is still a major part of the American Dream. It can also be a great way to help build wealth over time when done properly.

A study by Chase Home Lending found 52% of millennial first-time homebuyers feel financially ready to buy a home. And 70% said they are willing to cut back on extra-curricular activities, like shopping, movie-going, and a spa visit, once a month to make it happen.

Watch this blog and our social media channels for a first time homebuyers Hops and Homes party coming soon. We’ll all drink a pint together at a local Santa Fe brewery while we talk about how easy it is to get into your first home. Feel free to email us at for more info as well. We are always here to help.


Some Highlights:

  • According to the US Census Bureau, “millennials” are defined as 18-36-year-olds.
  • According to NAR’s latest Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, the median age of all first-time home buyers is 32.
  • More and more “old millennials” (25-36) are realizing that homeownership is within their grasp now!




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