Paying Attention in Santa Fe

I get to live in what I believe is the most beautiful place in the world. I also get to live in the most interesting city. Santa Fe is a place that is over 400 years old and where the architecture is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

art museum face in sunlight 2

But I lead a busy life. I hurry through the streets of Santa Fe headed to a meeting, or that ever important lunch on a bench on the Santa Fe Plaza with a colleague where we scarf down Frito Pies from the Five and Dime.

Occasionally, I forget to stop and look around me. Yesterday I was rushing from the Keller Williams Santa Fe office to a late lunch with a client at the Palace Restaurant when I noticed a young man with his camera pointed skyward. I stopped in my tracks and looked at what he was seeing.

Art Museum face in sunlight

I caught these images of the St. Francis Auditorium, a glorious building built in 1917.

I walk past this building every day. I’m glad a stranger with a camera made me stop and pay attention. The New Mexico sky is pretty amazing on its own, but paired with this architecture, it’s breathtaking.


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