Near Santa Fe – Pecos and Rowe Mesa

I recently drove out to Rowe Mesa to check on a couple of land listings I have there. For those of you who don’t know where Rowe is, it’s about 28 miles east of Santa Fe on I-25. You pass the first exits for Pecos and then take eDSCN1225xit 307 to get to Rowe, a small community founded in the 1870s to provide railroad workers.

It’s a sweet little village with no real meeting place other than the Rowe Post Office. Rowe Mesa meanders on the south side of I-25 for miles, and when you talk to people who live atop the mesa, there are many who do so without electricity of running water.

But it’s beautiful there. Truly beautiful. Like all of northern New Mexico. You could stop at every mile market and take a breathtaking photo. Here’s one I took coming off the mesa.

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