Moving Day With Your Dog

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A new home is an exciting adventure, but to your dog, it may be an exercise in anxiety. It doesn’t have to be that way. Your dog can acclimate more easily with proper planning. Let’s look at what you can do.

Packing and Prepping

Before moving, these tips will help your dog remain as anxiety-free as possible.

  • Stay calm.
    One of the best things you can do is to remain as calm as possible throughout this process. Our dogs can pick up on our moods, so do your best to stay cool.
  • Keep his routine.
    During this busy season, you might forget his normal feeding times or be tempted to put him in the yard rather than walk him. However, the more you can stick with his routine, the calmer he will be during your move.
  • Keep all his stuff.
    When you are packing, make sure to take all his old items. Seek them out as you clear the house, and don’t wash anything beforehand. Those familiar scents will help keep him calm in your new home.
  • Manage his health needs.
    Before you leave, find a trustworthy veterinarian and be sure to transfer all of his records ahead of time. Confirm record arrival so you can clear up any problems before you leave. Make sure your dog is up to date on vaccines and pest treatments, and refill any prescriptions he may need beforehand. See more veterinary concerns for moving at Love To Know.
  • Deep clean your new home.
    If the previous owner had a pet, do your best to clean away any pet dander, refuse, and smell. (Animal Planet has this helpful guide on removing pet dander.) Be sure there are no unsafe hazards in your new home as well.
  • Get him used to the house.
    If you have access to your new home before moving day, bring him by on a leash and introduce him to all the areas. If not, do this step on moving day after unpacking.



Traveling With Your Dog

This can be one of the most difficult parts of moving. If you’ve never driven with your dog, you’ll need time to get him used to car trips. Be sure he is safe in the car and can’t jump out; if you’re concerned he can, use his carrier. Start with short drives, gradually increasing them until he is used to the experience.

Air travel is unpleasant for any pet and will be stressful. Keep him as calm as possible, remembering to feed and walk him well beforehand. Know and obey all the laws and safety regulations.

Most importantly, make sure that when your dog is traveling with or without you that he is wearing his ID tags and that you have all the information you need to travel with him. AVMA has a comprehensive Q&A on traveling with your pet.


Tips For The Day Of The Move

  • Tire Him Out
    Be sure to give him a long walk and playtime in the morning. That will help ensure he has a restful night in his new home.
  • Keep His Stuff With You
    You want him to get comfortable as soon as possible. Small Dog Place recommends keeping his gear with you rather than packed away. That allows you to set up his space as soon as you can so he can settle in when he gets to the house.
  • Keep Him Out
    To keep you and your dog calm, hire a dog walkerdog sitter, or board your dog for the day to avoid stress and chaos and keep him safe.
  • Keep It Familiar
    Keep his items in similar locations in the new house as you did in your old home.

Settling into a new house is easier for your dog if you take the time to properly plan ahead. It will give him the best chance to get used his home in no time.



Article Author : Cindy Aldridge |  |

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