Househunting in Santa Fe – Be Realistic about Energy

In the very special real estate market that is Santa Fe, the majority of our buyers are from out of town. You have a week here, or a weekend, and you want to see every single home on your list in one day. This post is a very simple reminder to pay attention to your energy level or you’ll run out of steam and kill your own Santa Fe home dreams with exhaustion.

Save your energy for viewing homes like this one north of Santa Fe.

Save your energy for viewing homes like this one north of Santa Fe.

We’re in the high desert here. We’re at 7,000 feet. Even in a summer like the one we’ve had so far, when the rains have come frequently, it’s still dryer here than it probably is where you came from.

Take time to drink lots of water. Acknowledge that the altitude can be a factor. If you’re feeling groggy or light-headed, slow down. Be sure you eat. If you have a goal of seeing 8 or 10 houses in one day, try to cut out at least 2 that aren’t in your top five.

The best advice I have is that you see 3 or 4 properties one morning. Then take the afternoon off to sightsee, relax, walk around town, and have a margarita (by the way, the altitude also magnifies the effect of alcohol, so take it easy).

Then get together with your Realtor again the next day, but this time in the afternoon. You’ll be refreshed. The last two houses you see won’t be so exhausting that you dismiss them out of hand.

Househunting in Santa Fe should be a pleasure. And it will be if you’re aware of your own physical limitations here. We want you to stay. Please take care of yourself in the process.

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