Cool off at Abiquiu Lake in New Mexico!

New Mexico summers can be sunny and HOT.  I know what you’re thinking. “If only there was a large body of water I could take a dip in that wasn’t so far from Santa Fe.”

Well there is – it’s called Abiquiu Lake and it’s just a little over an hour north of Santa Fe! Take a look at what  New Mexico True has to say. And check out these gorgeous photos.

Cliff Jumping at Abiquiu Lake

If adventure is your thing, this is an essential stop for you. Abiquiu Lake is in northern New Mexico just 61 miles north of Santa Fe. The lake sits at the base of Pedernal Peak and was featured in many of Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings. There is a 20-foot cliff, perfect for jumping. During the summer months you will find many other adventure-seekers perched on the cliff.


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