Buying a Santa Fe Home – Be Smart About It

If your New Year resolution is to own a home in Santa Fe, here are few quick tips for making the most of your experience. I’m here to help, but sometimes buyers get so excited about how a place looks and feels that they forget these details:

1-Great-Room---Dining1.  Don’t assume every fixture you see is included. I just did a deal where the buyers fell in LOVE with a Spanish style chandelier over the dining room table. They hardly noticed the other homes we looked at because they were so crazy about the first one. When we did our research and I contacted the listing broker, that was the one item that wasn’t staying.

The MLS info usually tells me what conveys with the property and what doesn’t. But smart buyers know that they need to focus on the structure and not the extras. The extras might be just that – extras that don’t come with the purchase price.

If something is really important to you, add it into the purchase agreement as a must have. Sometimes Sellers will change their mind about special items if the price is right. Accessories that seemed important on the listing date may lose their appeal when they see actual dollar signs.

2.  Talk to your broker about radon testing. I know a few of my colleagues would take me to task for even talking about this issue, but I always err on the side of disclosure. Santa Fe County has had a number of instances where radon was detected in homes, particularly on the city’s east side.

Radon is a naturally occurring colorless odorless gas that has been known to cause cancer. It occurs as a natural reaction to the breakdown of uranium deposits.

A radon test runs around $175 and should be part of your inspection process. In general, the results will be negative, or so low that it’s not a concern. However, we always want you to finish your transaction feeling confident about the home you end up purchasing.

3.  In a bidding war? Write a letter to your sellers. I recently had a Casa Alegre listing that had three offers on Monday morning after the first weekend on the market. The price differences were minimal to my seller. What swayed her was the letter she received along with one of the offers. This was the home in which she raised her son, and she was happy to sell to a single mom with two small children, even though their offer was $1,500 less than another.

4.  Visit with the neighbors. First of all, you want to know your neighbors are friendly, or if not that, at least approachable. And more importantly, they may know things about the house that aren’t disclosed by the seller or the seller’s broker. This kind of information can only make the offer process easier for you.

5. Be flexible. If there’s debris in the backyard, offer to remove it. If there’s something just a bit odd about the property, but you still want it, let that go. You can save thousands and still end up in the home you love in the end.

How can you be the smartest buyer? Hire me to be your buyer’s broker!

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