Bunny’s Story – Why I’m in the Fight!

I’m not always selling real estate, although I may give that impression. Sometimes I’m working my tail off for more interesting causes than my bank account and your happiness in finding your Santa Fe Dream Home.

Here’s a blog post that recently appeared on Fight Colorectal Cancer’s website.

Version 3It tells you everything you need to know about me as a person. I’m a fighter, I care, and I ¬† ¬†want to give back. “To whom much is given” is really my tagline, and I’ve been given a lot in that I survived stage iv colon cancer. Life has been so good to me. I sometimes can’t believe I get to live this amazing life. And live in this amazing place.

Should you have someone in your circle of family or friends who’s been touched by this disease, feel free to give me a call or drop me a line at bunnyterry1@gmail.com. Let’s keep fighting until there’s no reason for people like me (who are shaking in their boots) to stand before crowds at places like the Lensic and ask for money and involvement. Let’s keep fighting until colon cancer is simply a memory.

Thanks for checking in.


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