Atalaya Elementary School

721 Camino Cabra, Santa Fe, NM 87501


About Atayala Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: K - 6
Enrollment: 214

School’s Mission:
Our mission at Atalaya is to create a framework from which students can confidently and successfully approach the world.

We will:

  • Respect and honor individuality
  • Foster a safe and nurturing school community
  • Maintain high academic standards
  • Teach social and environmental awareness
  • Inspire the love of learning
  • School’s Vision:
  • Atalaya educates and challenges students to successfully perform at their highest potential.

Why Our School is Unique:
Atalaya is unique because it is a small school with a very involved family and volunteer community. Nestled in
the beautiful foothills, Atalaya serves its neighborhood community and a significant number of students from other
areas of Santa Fe. We have a large number of parent and community volunteers and a very active PTA.

Bunny Terry 505.504.1101

20 Vereda Serena Santa Fe, NM 87508