36 hours or less is all you need to fall in love with Santa Fe!


We have always believed 36 hours of less is all you need to fall in love with Santa Fe. Its nice to see that The New York Times agree. Check out this great little video they put together.



In summer, Santa Fe bursts at the seams with arts fairs, opera and other flashy events. In winter, though, the schedule is less hectic, and the few tourists spend their days skiing outside town. This is when residents effectively reclaim the center, the walkable area from the old plaza to the newer Railyard district. The only glitz and glitter is the snow sparkling under a sunny blue sky and paper-bag lanterns glowing in the black night. In recent years, many of the city’s most loved institutions have expanded, been renovated or have even returned from the dead — and there’s no better time to enjoy them than the colder months, alongside Santa Feans who have been appreciating them for decades.



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