16 Delicious Green Chile Recipes

Last week I posted an old favorite recipe of mine – Chile Relleno Quiche. The response to that blog post was overwhGreen-Chile-Cheese-Buffalo-Burger-680x453elming. On my Facebook page along, over 89,000 folks saw the recipe.

Evidently we’re all in love with New Mexico’s infamous green chile and we’re searching for ways to use it.

In my quest to find you even more recipes, I came across this one from I Am New Mexico. 16 Delicious Green Chile Recipes you may have never thought of trying.

There’s Cheesy Mashed Garlic Potatoes with Green Chile. Green Chile Chicken Burgers. And this one I’m determined to try: Green Chile Squash Enchiladas.

The recipes call for a lot of canned green chile. If you’re like me, only fresh roasted will do. So improvise and substitute the real thing for canned. It will make a world of difference in the outcome.

The website is a bit clunky, only because they have a ton of ads. Just hit the “next” button to get through the slideshow. ¬†And then let us know which one you tried. I’m dying to know what your favorites are.

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