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Hiking, Snowshoeing, Mountain Biking
Dog Friendly

Trail Length: 7+ miles
Elevation: 8,577 feet (Picacho Peak)
Degree of Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
Seasonal: 4 Season (Possible snow in winter: Snowshoe)
Driving Distance from Plaza: Varies 3.8 or 6 miles depending on start

These trails incorporate some older trails that have been fixed up, and some new sections that are really fun. There is a little more climbing than the North section and the tread is not quite as smooth. Don't forget to ride the connector trails to vary distances and experiences.

Trail Directions: There are two access points: one at the North trail head on NM 475 at Sierra del Norte and the other near the intersection of Cerro Gordo and Upper Canyon Road.

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Bunny Terry 505.504.1101

130 Lincoln Avenue Santa Fe, NM 87501